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Glasses not only help your vision, but also become an extension of your personality.

If someone tries a pair of frames that don't fit, we won't sell them. We just won't. It's never about the quick sale. For us, the aim is to build relationships that endure. Everyone who walks in our door looking for a new pair of glasses should walk out absolutely loving them-and with the confidence of knowing they fit and look absolutely fabulous wearing them.

Kris Witzel Co-Founder

The Founders

Our story began in 1986…Wayne and Kris Witzel, the husband and wife team who founded Image Eyes Optical, knew there was a “better way.” Yes, glasses help you see better, but they should also make you feel confident and happy. After working at a few different optical corporations, Wayne and Kris met while working for the same optical company. They knew together they could change the customer experience with their desire to create eyewear with attention to detail, quality and customer service...Image Eyes Optical was founded.

For decades Wayne and Kris balanced raising four children while growing Image Eyes and building lasting relationships with their customers — now serving three generations of customers. They strive is to build loyal relationships with their customers, never give them a reason to go anywhere else. Two of their daughters joined the Image Eyes family, Melina and Amelya. Melina  graduated from University of Utah with a degree in environmental studies and asked to try her hand in the family business before embarking on a different career path. Melina quickly knew her path was with Image Eyes. In 2015, Melina became part owner in our Sun Valley stores. She, her husband and their two daughters now reside in Hailey, Idaho.

Amelya, who graduated from University of Utah with a degree in behavioral science and health, also wanted to try her career at Image Eyes Optical. After working in the business for five years, Amelya left to explore other aspects of the optical industry. Amelya was a frame rep for a luxury brand in California when she was recruited by the Essilor Lens brand. After only a short time, Amelya quickly became one of their top lens reps. But the family business was calling her home.

Amelya brought with her a new understanding of the industry, which she trained the Image Eyes family in. In 2020, Amelya’s husband Cameron joined the team after completing his MBA at the University of Utah and is now the CFO. Amelya and Cameron now balance raising three young children while helping grow Image Eyes.

Our Revolutionary Approach

Customer Experience

Eyewear should be more than a necessity and customers deserve to not only have glasses to help their vision, but that also become an extension of their personality. In 1984, Image Eyes Optical took this mission and created our revolutionary customer experience. Our consultants help customers find frames that fit their face, prescription, and personality. Choosing from high-end eyeglass frames all from top designers whose story and vision match ours, customers are taken through an eyewear journey. 

Our approach has built a family of customers—some even returning with a third generation to be fitted with their perfect frames. We value these relationships and truly find fulfillment in sending customers home in the highest quality eyewear.

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Our Revolutionary Approach

Employee Training

We train our employees so they have a comprehensive understanding of the brands we sell and the lenses we fit.  Our employees are educated to enhance the customer experience and to guide the customer in their investment of their personal choice of eyewear.

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